Boring's Entities

Well good morning to you!

Hi! Welcome a select section of my content archive! This page simply acts as a way for me to catalogue anything that I've ever published onto the site. I've chosen to do this for multiple reasons!

Firstly, this allows me to just know what I have and have not uploaded on-site. I have quite a portfolio of uploaded pages, and keeping track of them can be tough! Especially when I'm actually dog shite at updating my author page.

As well as this, in the case that any of these levels get deleted or vandalised, this page simply allows me to keep them safely, especially if, for whatever reason, the main wiki or the staff deletion archive wiki goes down. It's just that extra layer of protection, y'know?

It also allows me to just oodle at the shite I've made, and think to myself:

Wow, a lot of these are shit.


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