Level 2 - "Forgotten Utility Halls"
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One of the first modern captures of Level 2, taken by the former and late Overseer-C. Whilst primary source Macchina imagery predates this image, this one is one of the most well known.

Level 2, being once regarded as one of the main levels of The Backrooms(and to this day is still one of the most understood), forms itself as a practically infinite array of complex, yet Euclidian complex of various maintenance that range in size, function, and to some degree even hostility and danger.


Level 2's physical layout is that of a confusing, yet somewhat mappable layout. The various tunnels, whilst following no strict flow on how they are structured and are mapped, all contort at strictly 45 degree angles, and the rough length of hallways has always come to a rough multiple of 5.1

The various tunnels themselves are usually rather tight and narrow, either by the original dimensions of the tunnels(sometimes barely being able to fit those of larger builds from shoulder-to-shoulder), or by the machinery, wiring, or other industrial equipment strung up along the walls and ceilings. The walls are built of withered, dirtied concrete material, or even bricks in certain areas. The texture of them is somewhat chalky in texture, and usually leaves powdery residue on one's fingers if touched or rubbed across. In extremely tight corridors, this usually will leave marks and stains on clothing.


An extremely thin corridor of Level 2, made even thinner by the heavy industrial piping on the rightmost side of the image.

In a majority of hallways, however, the chalky and tattered walls are often obstructed by imposing, sparsely operational machinery that will often times cover one or both walls from floor-to-ceiling. These pipes and machineries, whilst being identified as various actual types of machines from former engineers in the more developed era of the M.E.G, do not work at all in tandem with one another, and their placements around the halls is one of an entirely arbitrary nature. These machines, at least at a time, would still have worked in tandem regardless of their irregular placements to one another. Usually to transfer fluids,2 electricity, gasses, or even solid objects on sparse occasions.

Whilst piping and static machinery is an ever-abundant sight, similarly industrial—yet not rooted to the ground—equipment scatters various halls. Objects such as flatbed trolleys adorned with miscellaneous machine parts, oil drum barrels filled to varying depths of different liquids,3 metal, cardboard, and wooden boxes oftentimes chocked full of liveable materials and first aid supplies, all populate the scape and have come of great aids to various groups across The Backrooms in previous years.

Other, more miscellaneous and unnoteworthy objects include the following:

  • Toolboxes
  • wood piles
  • dismantled machine pieces
  • rusted pipes
  • stepladders
  • large extension cords
  • power tools
  • foldout chairs


A disorganised row of fluorescent lights, believed to have been displaced by either entity or human intervention.


A set of two, differently coloured fluorescent lights found within a darker area of Level 2.

Level 2 is lit predominantly by buzzing fluorescent lights, similar to that found on various levels between 0 and 4. These lights, whilst sparser than the likes of Level 0, still coat a predominant portion of the level in uniform, industrial white or orange hues. The wiring for these lights are more often than not exposed,4 which has lead to the harvesting of the level's copper, or the fixtures themselves.

Due to the exposed nature of the wiring, and due to the fact areas of Level 2 seem to wired in series circuits instead of parallel ones,5 it is extremely for the wiring to be disrupted. This can happen for a myriad of reasons, ranging from accidental, purposeful espionage on the level, and even hostile entities scraping at walls. If one light or wire is damaged for any of these reasons, however, all lights within a set space will immediately deactivate along with them due to them all being wired into the same, long series circuit.

The affected areas after the destruction of a set of lights is virtually arbitrary, as there are no easily identifiable signifiers to determine what sections of Level 2 are wired up to which areas of circuitry, and testing to figure out such things would be a fruitless affair. However, from what few times this has intentionally been done, anywhere between a rough 3x3 to 6x6 grid of lights will deactivate.6


An example of a common door within Level 2, one which lead into a simple and unlit room that was entirely devoid of furniture.

Whilst narrow corridors, thick machinery, and various industrial props take up a majority of Level 2's landscape, the walls not coated with wires and pipes can often be found with doors ranging in various colours, materials, sizes, and types. The default designs for these doors is usually of a steel construction that swivels inwards to whatever lays on the other side of the room, as well as usually being painted in various shades of white, gray and cream. These doors, more often than not, also contain various amounts of addition decoration on top of them. Whether this be patterns like embossed or debossed squares, locks, signs,7 spray-painted symbols, windows or even damage to their main structure.

Normally, a large majority of these doors will be locked, regardless of what may be visible through their windows on the opposite end. For the doors that aren't locked, and for doors that don't lead to other levels, they will usually open into a variety of different possibilities, some of those being:

  • Sprawling complexes of hallways and rooms of various sizes, which will usually contain larger industrial equipment, dozens of wooden boxes filled with the same supplies as the ones in the halls, an abundance of large PC's, or more commonly, empty atrium-sized packing warehouses. These areas usually connect to every single door inside of the square they're built in, but only a select few of these will actually open.
  • A long hallway, or oftentimes a multitude of hallways, that all loop back around to the same door one came from. These hallways, more often than not, are completely devoid of any sort of decoration other than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.
  • A singular room of varying size, usually just a simple square or rectangle shape, with a select few rarer rooms possessing a compound shape design, though these are usually nothing more than two squares, two rectangles, or one of each type attached to one another. These rooms can usually contain any items and furniture mentioned in the first bullet point, though more often than not these rooms are usually completely unfurnished.
  • For a large majority of specifically locked doors, and for the even fewer amount that have windows built into them, the views into the other ends of these doors will be that of an entirely black void. In most cases, this form of room is inaccessible due to the doorway to enter it being in a permanently locked state. However, especially in more recent years during the heavy industrialisation of Level 2, certain doors that previously onlooked into voids have unlocked.
    • The area inside these voids is an infinitely wide, infinitely long space that disregards the exterior dimensions of the hallways themselves. These spaces are devoid of sound and light, meaning that the only source of illumination comes from the doorway itself, which sits in the middle of this void as the only way from which to return back from.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Level 2, for almost hundreds of years, had acted as somewhat of a nexus for various groups to converge in one unanimous area. Level 2's landscape was, for many groups, a perfect area to attempt settling due to its hub-like nature to many different levels, a natural well of supplies, and the fact that many people enter Level 2 straight from The Frontrooms. The lattermost reason has often been a calling for the more charitable groups of The Backrooms to set up bases, signs, and send out volunteers to pick up the new wanderers to acclimate to their new, permanent way of life.

Level 2 has been a home to far too many groups over the years to count every single catalogued group from the smallest rag-tag of people to the largest industrial monopolies, so as such only the important and noteworthy groups have been listed.

The Macchina


A hand drawn depiction of The Macchina, as in-person photo evidence is believed to be either completely lost, or non-existent due to how long ago this extinct race existed.

With the exception of The Lost, who are individuals who have trekked the Backrooms for generations across practically every level in the database, The Macchina are one of the earliest catalogued settlers of Level 2. Initially starting as a simple, animalistic entity race as late as 1000BC, the Macchina's progressively evolved to develop sentience and to move beyond their simple instincts. From this, The Macchina began to spread to, and inhabit, various levels across The Backrooms. Their occupations of levels predated that of The Lost, if their primary data is to believed, and most importantly to this article, their main home was on Level 2.

Level 2 was, in many ways, a perfect home-base for The Macchina. To aid in surviving the harsh conditions of The Backrooms, as well as to boost their own thinking capacity, the Macchina began to build cybernetic enhancements as somewhat of a bulky armour that was pivotal to certain elements of their culture. To create these suits, which are detailed in far greater detail in their main article, they stripped large portions of Level 2's machinery in order to produce their tech.


An area formerly inhabited by The Macchina, pictured with various tools and various odd parts left behind by the group before their extinction.

Although the Macchina would've most certainly had one at some point, a definitive location for a Capitol city of some variety has never truly been pinpointed. A significantly large former city near the exit to Level 811 has been discovered in recent years8 which could've once been the main city for The Macchina, though without any primary sources left behind it is ultimately impossible to know.

The Macchina, as well as gutting the walls of all its piping and machinery, would build their actual residencies inside the rooms and areas that would be behind the doors. Should the doors have been unlocked, the insides of the rooms would've been completely dispelled of whatever
useful mechanics they had, which would've subsequently been recycled into their furniture, metal exoskeletons, or their rudimentary weapons for the materials which were only scrap-worthy.

The ultimate downfall of The Macchina was the recourse drying of Level 2 itself. Whilst humans in the present-day are experiencing a similar anomaly, The Macchina's experience of a recourse drought was a far more pressing matter due to their technology having developed to rely on the recourses it gave. Quickly, the Macchina's population began to drastically dwindle. Over the course of a mere thirty years, the Macchina's headcount had dropped to double digits across all of their various bases across The Backrooms, and to this day not a single Macchina has been discovered since approximately 1850.9

In the 200 years since the downfall of The Macchina, Level 2 had gradually come to "regenerate" its depleted machines, though the healing process has left countless of Level 2's new machines in a disconnected and oftentimes non-functional states. Their current state, if the word of The Lost is to be believed, is not how Level 2 functioned prior to The Macchina's harvesting of the level.

The Survivors

(the one that got overrun by Hounds when Wranglers were discovered.

Followers of Jerry

The M.E.G.

The B.N.T.G.

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Due to the extremely explored and mapped nature of Level 2, a variety of common and exclusive entities reside on this level. As well as this, due to Level 2 once being a "social hub" level, many entities that are well known in the current day were originally discovered within Level 2. The complete list of entities, as well as the discovery documents for the creatures that were discovered on 2, are listed below.

Entrances And Exits

Level 2, due to how understood it has become over the last few decades, has had a variety of exits discovered that direct to other normal levels, sublevels, and enigmatic levels. More often than not, the entrances for leve


Level -4.1 (Small caves)
Level -1 (One of the many doors)
Level 1 (Extended hallways)
Mark's Bathroom (It's a room)
Office Space EL3A (Brighter tunnels and signage)
Level 2.2 (Random doors)
Level 8 (Vents)
Level 10 (Bunkers)
Level 11 (Random Buildings)
Level 11.1 (Going into the opaque leaves)
Level 43 (Traversing the staff halls)
Level 84 (Touching or noclipping walls in Clipped Park/VP3)
Level 127 (Climbing through a furnace)
Level 141 (Flight of stairs/elevator)
Level 158 (Entering one of the tunnels in Aries station prior to the train's arrival)
Level 173 (Entering a waterfall)
Level 189 (Leaving the bathroom you're currently in)
Level 309 (Travelling over three miles)
Level 480 (The corridors between stores)
Level 522 (Going too deep into the wiring)


The Hub (It just… can be)
Level 1 (The doors)
Mark's Bathroom
Office Space EL3A (Brighter tunnels and signage)
Level 3 (Unlocked door)
Level 4 (Doors, again)
Make Believe (Seamless transition)
Level 31 (Wooden door)
Level 38 (Seamless transition)
Level 64 (Large, decorated rooms)
Level 70 (Large door)
Level 101 (Unlocked doors)
Level 126 (Piano on the other side of a door)
Level 127 (Hot area of the level, lower area of the level, or a plywood door)
Level 137 (Aged wooden door)
Level 141 (Metal bolt door)
Level 158 (The halls can lead to Aries station)
Level 175 (Blue door)
Level 189 (Wishing to use the restroom)
Level 283 (Comically proportioned, multicolour door)
Level 811 (Following pulsing blue lines on 2's pipes, leading to a door with a dagger in it)
Level 998 (Doors)

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