Level 258
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The snowy landscape of Level 258.

Level 258 is a cold, bitter, and harsh terrain, entirely coated with ice and snow in a perpetually cold, unlivable condition.


Level 258 is a terrene battered and coated in multiple inches of thick, unwavering snow. When in the rather numerous, flatter areas of Level 258, the lack of external geometry may lead one to believe that the level is nothing more than a flat, unchanging terrain of infinitely thick snow under a misty blue and foggy sky. The level, however, gives a wider variety of structural properties should one not initially enter near one.

Frozen remains of buildings are a commonplace sight within Level 258, though unless one is in locations resembling that of the ruins of urban, city-like environments, nothing more than the tile roofs of buildings permeate through the deep snow, sleet and ice that has accumilated and built up to the equivalent of around two stories of depth.1 For those not within the imitation remains of towns and small-scale areas, yet still in urban environments, occasional larger towns and cities composed of terraced town buildings and general skysrapers would be a large, common occurance. of the level.

These skyscrapers often

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