Level 409
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The flimsy, paper rooms of Level 409.

Level 409 is the 410th Level of The Backrooms. It was discovered by u/MagicExploresTheWeb on December 25th, 2020. It is an assortment of rooms that are constructed entirely out of paper.


Level 409 is a vast expanse of constantly changing rooms, made entirely out of paper. The Level's walls are extremely thin, consisting of no more than a few sheets of paper that separate rooms from each other. These walls are extremely thin and fragile, being easily torn or destroyed when enough force is applied. The walls and rooms themselves possess a similar layout and wallpaper to Level 0, albeit with a few differences; such as the slightly different wallpaper designs, a non-carpeted floor, and the presence of entities.

The ceiling of Level 409 is a pure white void, acting as a light source that basks the entire Level in bright light. Shadows in this level will often cast in random directions, overlap, and even show up in places where light would normally snuff them out.

The floor of Level 409 is composed of cardboard. The cardboard, although more durable than the paper walls, is extremely fragile, and can be torn to reveal the ceilings of Level 410. The cardboard itself is just a few sheets thick, and is frequently harvested by passing wanderers and Fort Origami as a basic and versatile building supply, or for use in creating packaging.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Fort Origami

Fort Origami is the name of the only established group within Level 4091. As a collective group, they've torn down multiple walls and set up a successful settlement. They're comprised of 19 members, and survive off of an "exploration team" they've procured, comprised of 6 of their 19 members. Together, those 6 members traverse to connected Levels, finding food and water before bringing it back to their base. While generally friendly to outsiders, the members of Fort Origami have been stated to prefer to be on their own, having chosen Level 409 deliberately as a way to "avoid the clutter of other Levels."

A W.I.P B.N.T.G. Outpost - Base Intarsia.

While currently an unfinished settlement, the B.N.T.G. are currently setting up a trading outpost along the outskirts of Level 4092. In future, it will serve as a supply line between Levels, as well as acting as a safe zone for storing more basic goods such as food, building supplies and clothing. There are also plans to store non-lethal weaponry inside of this soon-to-be establishment.



Folds are large, fluttering pieces of paper that reside within Level 409. Although at a glance they appear to resemble a scrunched up piece of paper, closer inspection shows they are instead various pieces of large, white card that elegantly fold into the Entity's epicentre. These card sheets noclip through each other to form this non-euclidian shape and create mesmerising and nearly hypnotic array of slowly rotating pieces of card that eternally fold into each other.

These creatures are recorded to be completely harmless, and are frequently seen replenishing the walls and floor of Level 409 after traveller interference or general wear and tear- a process carried out by levitating different paper shapes into the tears they encounter. They've been known to hum peaceful melodies while repairing Level 409, and sometimes will even sing for wanderers as they pass by. Reports have shown that they do take requests, and will hum any song played to them. As well as this, they're also known to be virtually indestructible as the card sheets that comprise their shape heals faster than it can be torn3.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 409 can be occasionally accessed from Level 18. If one is to have memories of drawing or watching a puppet show with paper stage pieces, one may start to envision those memories during their traversal, slowly bringing them to Level 409.

A much more concrete way of entering Level 409 is on Level 104. A wanderer can occasionally come across a set piece that's entirely constructed of paper. Entering this specific stage and facing away from any perceivable exits will cause a seamless transition to this Level.


Level 409 can easily be exited by breaking holes in the floor to Level 410. Alternatively, there are plentiful exits to Level 1 and Level 696 which take the form of doors constructed of thin card.

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