Level 590
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Class 3

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Level 590 as pictured on one of its first expedition runs.


A small portion of a larger upwards spiral.


Level 590's architecture takes on the form of simple rollercoaster tracks, these pseudo-walkways coat the entire level, and are the only existing materials within it that one can walk on. These rollercoaster tracks often take a variety of appearances, representing different types of roller coasters constructed out of metal. However, at least according to the M.E.O.D. officials that were adept in rollercoaster mechanics before arriving in The Backrooms, the types of rollercoaster diversity mainly on show within Level 590 are the following:

Accelerator Coasters

Accelerator Coasters are rather common within Level 590, and resemble the ones that exist in The Frontrooms heavily. Although lacking an actual building to start in, Accelerator Coaster portions of this levels start, and end, with a simple, straight strip of track for around 75-90 meters before forming up into a 'top hat' formation. Crawling up at a 90° angle upwards of 17 meters before then trailing down in the exact same way as it had formed up.

Accelerator coasters have been catalogued a total of 58 times by the M.E.O.D., and populate a large portion of Level 590.

Inverted Rollercoasters

Inverted Rollercoasters are a far rarer type of coaster recorded and documented on Level 590,

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An Millicar carrying a hefty amount of foodstuffs.


Within Level 590, there have been no catalogued entities that one can expect to see elsewhere in The Backrooms. Instead, Level 590 permits a habitat formed entirely of exclusive entities. All having adapted and evolved within this plane long enough to be specially suited to its environment. The creatures of Level 590, while having somewhat different biology and instincts/drives, all share the common factor that these creatures are able to ride on the tracks for a variety of purposes, but are clearly documented to depart from these at any time to traverse via other means. All of which are documented below.


Millicars are one of the most common appearances of entities on Level 590, comprising of an estimated 40% of the level's created ecosystem. Millicars oftentimes keep themselves track bound, and traverse Level 590 at surprisingly slow speeds. Even when descending down declines in the layouts of the various tracks.

Appearance-wise, Millicars resemble standard rollercoaster trains of a modern design, comprised usually of 7 different singular cars. From a distance, as with all 590 entities, Millicars look as though they're constructed of a mix of various metals, plastics, and coated in a paint. Closer inspection reveals that these entities are covered in a kind of exoskeleton merely resembling amusement park ride cars. These materials feel a little soft from coatings of a decorative substance,




Entrances And Exits


Level 590, at the current time of writing, has XXX catalogued entrances.

  • Level 590 is easily enterable from Level 63, as any and all passengers of the level who opt to jump off of the various bridges will eventually land on this Level. If a wanderer is lucky enough to hit a rollercoaster track of Level 590 via this method of entry, one will not feel the force of landing.
  • Level 300 also possesses a hefty number of exits to Level 590, all in the form of random tracks that can embed themselves within the random walkways. Usually, interacting with these rails permits no change or level transfer, with the only time they function is at the levels twilight, and when any potential rainbow waterfalls are active.


If there are no exits please write: "There is no known way to leave this level for now.", though usually people can leave whence they came.


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