Level 601
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Level 601 is a land of quilts, softness, and tranquility, and was made one year ago today.


Level 601's landscape is vast and stretching, yet is ultimately unchanging in its presentation of environment. The floor of Level 601 is formed exclusively of soft, warm quilts. Their designs change depending on where one may be within the level, and as such the texture of the landscape may also differ, but the general topology never once changes.

This level has plateaus, mountains, valleys, indents in the ground where rivers realistically would run, and the lattermost is even complimented by occasional, large, and completely flat areas in which these river-like passages lead to.

Houses permeate the level, they were something I specifically wanted when this level was being made, and they never fail to give me a bittersweet smile once I see them in my time here.

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This level is one that is special to me, someone

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