Level 994 - "Crystalline Terrene"

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Class Ecosystem

  • Self Sustained
  • Varying levels of safety
  • Complex entity systems

The landscape of Level 994 during its 'nighttime' hours.


A secondary capture of Level 994 at it's brightest.

Level 994 is a varied plane, composed entirely of thn crystal and glass formations which are theorised to be present down to the molecular level.


Level 994's usual geology represents that of relatively flat, forest, plains, and desert environments, though occasionally has other locations that permeate that resemble both natural and unnatural terrains.

Depending on where in Level 994 one may end up, individuals will be greeted with different environments and entities. Level 994 possesses many varieties of climates, ranging from the most boiling of deserts to the most glacial wintery mountains.1 No matter which environment a wanderer initially finds themselves in, the temperature always remains hot and extremely arid. A climate undoubtedly caused by the lack of any water-based rain and winds.

No matter the biome any individual is currently wandering in, the colour, shape, and layout of the sky above them is always consistent. It's the biggest single object inside of Level 994, and it is a single bicolour dome of crystals. Not too dissimilar from the appearance of the inside of a gem geode. The interior of this geode, being the only visible part of the structure, is coated with the aforementioned crystals. With one half being a bright, vibrant orange, and the other half of a more dark blue/violet hue range. With some levels of overlap and transition at the seams of each side of this geode. This geode rotates clockwise northbound,2 and takes approximately 52 hours for one rotation to be completed. Leaving around 22 hours for both a metaphorical day and night, with 4 hours for both a 'sunrise' and a 'sunset' as the transition crystals on the geode itself rotate past the horizon.

The approximated size of Level 994 is believed to be roughly 8,055km in width and length, and as such the crystal geode that acts as this levels determiner of night and day is theoretically one of the largest objects inside of The Backrooms. The yellow portion of the geode is seemingly able to emit and then reflect light that it creates. Basking the entirety of the level in a bright and vibrant orange hue.


As briefly described, Level 994 is populated by a plethora of different locations and climates. Due to the size of the level, not every iteration of every climate has been located or documented, however enough expeditions have made it clear what types of areas one can expect when arriving to this level.

Other Biomes

Other Entities

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Rutile Polymorphs

Level 994 Native bases.

The cities and towns of the Rutile Polymorphs.

Capitol City "Tetragonal"

The Town of Oxide

Development stations "Acicular" and "Prismatic"

Level 994 Non-native bases

M.E.O.D. Science Outpost 1 - "Crystal Investigators".

M.E.O.D. Relations Station - "Chakra Tree".

M.E.O.D. Investigation Outpost 2 - "Aragonite Harbour".

M.E.O.D. Public Settlement - "The Diamond".

Short description of the Base/Outpost/Community

Beyond the island


The flat ocean that skirts the entirety of the island.

As has been written prior, there is far more land to Level 994 outside of the oceans. From information collected from the Rutile Polymorphs, it is known that the island of Level 994 is but one minute piece of landmass separated from a much larger, main continent, or even supercontinent. Despite a handful of biomes rumoured to exist on the main eastern landmass, which are jungles, redwood forests, swamplands, and crater territories, nothing more is known about what life may inhabit those far-off lands.

So far, Aragonite Harbour has not yielded any results on how to traverse the halite oceans. Given the ocean is millions of small, solid pieces of halite crystals, traditional boats are futile for use, though attempting to walk on the halites is the equivalent to attempting to stand atop a ball pit, and any attempt to do so always results in sinking in. Usually, this results in suffocation.

Attempts to reach the other islands via building large, lightweight boards that can sit atop the waters whilst also allowing people to walk over them are currently being tested, and have proven mostly successful, though no current attempts of these have been successful enough to even each one of the archipelago islands described above. This is usually due to a lack of recourses to build such a great distance, though also complications in building the structures have occured which have postponed and even cancelled these efforts.

It is hoped that one day the M.E.O.D. may be able to reach the mainland of Level 994 in order to catalogue and possibly conglomerate whatever large civilisations may exist atop of it.

Entrances And Exits

For the entrances and exits on this page, each entrance and exit has been put into a subcategory for the biome in which the user of said entrance/exit will arrive into or exit out of respectively. For entrances/exits that do not need a certain biome to work, those have been listed within their own box.



  • Despite access to Level 203 proving rather difficult, a set of Pending Approval invesitagors in 2022 were able to inadvertently enter not only Level 203 from Level 8, but were also able to find a portion of sand similar in composition to the deserts of 994. Upon stepping onto these sands for prolongued periods, one will start to sink into their mass, reappearing on Level 994 in about thirty seconds.
  • Within the yellow rooms of Level 255, there exists darker, almost mud-brown walls that have a flaky and brittle texture to them. Should these walls contain a flimsy, aged, and rotted wooden door One can easily use this door to arrive in the deserts, though the door used will not be there to get back.
  • From speaking to the sole inhabitant within Level 612, it has been confirmed that another tried door within the level has been discovered to go to this level's deserts.
  • Level 797, a level that already connects to most others in the wider backrooms due to its plentiful exit holes plastered in its walls, has roughly 10 documented exit holes that exist along its various paths.
  • Whilst walking within Level A-1, there is a slim chance that entering 994 can commence. This, for the most part, happens as a rather seamless transition. The level's sky will slowly form to resemble crystals, and the sand's texture will gradually clear. Continuing to walk forwards will take one to Level 994, and heading backwards will go back to Level A-1.18


  • Occasionally, damaged bark surfaces within Level 7.9 can heal into petrified versions of their previous structure. If this occurs, there is a high probability of noclipping into Level 994 if this is stepped on, and one will be thrusted out of a tree when this occurs, too.19
  • Level 205, after being discovered by the unamalgamated F.O.J., was subsequently found to contain various fossilised or petrified trees. Whilst these trees do not inherently possess level switching qualities, any flakes of scraped, withered emeralds wedged into their branches can teleport one to 994 upon touch.
  • Auroras within Level 260 have occasionally been known to occasionally drop small chunks,20 of various green gemstones, examples being emerald, ekanite, types of fluorite, certain species of agate, nephrite, and andalusite. Should any of these materials strike a wanderer on their descent, they will pass out and wake up in the forests.


  • Entity 114 within Level 240 has been known to grant access for children who end up in the level to go to Level 994. This occurrence is usually extremely rare, given that Lotka is mostly documented to ship leaving children back to the level they once came from. However, on sparse occasions, Lotka has been documented sending children that end up in his level to 994's various meadows, usually nearby a specific, mostly undocumented small town.
  • After approximately four years of investigative work within Level 474, done by various unknowns within the Eternal Repository, an exit to the level was finally discovered. Digging deep within the clearing's snow had revealed various tourmaline grasses in a small, square patch. Subsequently digging through these lead to Level 994.21


  • There can occasionally be diverting caves within Level 300's waterfalls, with the leftmost path going to the usually documented Level 173, and the rightmost paths usually directing to the foot of a mountain in this level.

Beaches and Oceans

  • Entrances to Level 994 that bring one to the oceans are, much to the dismay of investigators that inhabit the coast, a rare commodity. There has been one reported use of rutile explorers returning home via use of Level 27, though this has not been documented before by any majority human organisation.
  • Alternatively, paintings within Level 57 have been reported to hold locations present within Level 994. The coast, at least from what has been archived, has only been seen on a painting once.


  • Deep within the mines of Level -6, there exists occasional holes in the floor that upon first glance appears to look into a large geode-like crevice. However, said geode structure is actually the sky of Level 994, and the gravity shifts accordingly if jumped through.
  • Around the hill within Level 140, one can very easily encounter small outcrops of crystalized mineral or petrified tree stumps. Noclipping into any of these crystalised minerals will bring one to an oasis environment.
  • Level 291 can occasionally be spotted having a differently coloured shipping crate from the usual red, blue or green varieties. If one happens to be white, orange, purple, or brown, then opening these will lead to this level.



  • Within the deserts, one can easily choose to dig through and under the fulgurite sands. If enough of this brittle glass is chipped away, then one can occasionally encounter exits to Level 46, which take the form of buried doors similar to Level 612's.
  • Despite the usual entrances to Level 463 being doorless doorframes within industrial levels, a second type of entrance unique to Level 994 has been catalogued. In sparse collections, mainly being far away from any kind of oasis or rutile-built town, patches of square concrete occasionally jut out from the ground at mostly ground level. Following these usual 20x20 meter patches to their epicentre will reveal a doorless frame for that of a trapdoor. Using this leads to 463.


  • Within the centre of most forest biomes, occasional circles of extremely clumped together petrified trees can be found. The tree growths themselves are usually packed together to a point that squeezing between them is nearly impossible. Should anyone find a way through this impasse, studies have shown that individuals will arrive in Level -10.
  • The forests within Level 994 may contain exits to Level 135. On extremely rare occasions, the petrified trees can flash into typical organic ones. Noclipping through these trees in this state will take you to the aforementioned level.
  • Seamless passage into Level 195 can spontaneously occur on the perimeters of most forest environments, though there have been an extended number of these events occurring along the western side of the island than in any other cardinal direction.
  • Occasionally, vines comprised of ekanite crystals can grow, budding flowers of morganite and heliodor on top of them. For years, these growths had stood as nothing but roots or barely sprouting vines, or were nothing more than small vines that wrapped around the base of occasional trees. After the reopening of Level 414, however, these roots have seemingly returned to life. Allowing individuals access into the level mentioned above.


  • Despite what its name may imply, exit into Level 197's Emerald Zone is not done via the emerald leaves which exist on various trees. Instead, exit to Level 197's relatively more recent discovered zones is done within the meadows of 994. If one is to trip and land on a patch of grass that is not coated by flowers, then the individual that tripped may arrive within The Emerald Zone.
  • Through unknown anomalies, pathways built by the Rutile Polymorphs that follow along ground level have an exuberantly high rate of becoming exits to Level 563. Despite the over a decade of research inputted into Level 994, the reason for this is an enigma to both native and non-native inhabitants of 994. Most trails circumvent this by building small bridges over meadows, though these trails are also used by Rutile Polymorphs to leave the level. Usually going from 563, then to 11.
  • According to ancient documentation of the level, there used to be an exit into the originally unassuming Level 811, though this exit apparently was blocked up on 811's side by the artifact named Aegis, and has apparently grown over and become abandoned in the years following. The old doorway that connected the two landscapes is still visible inside the northernmost field of the island, sitting as a grown over mass of verdelite grass, and morganite flowers.


  • The only two exits from the mountain peaks are either heading back through the aforementioned Level 300 entrance to the level, or instead by interacting for prolonged periods of time with the sideromelane bushes. If this is done for approximately 10-15 minutes, one will disappear from Level 994, and instead arrive within Level 93, often nearby the top of the summit.

Beaches and Oceans

  • Whilst exits to Level 103 have been documented to happen on extremely rare occasions by those unfortunate to fall and almost suffocate in the halite oceans, using this method of exit is heavily unadvised, as usage of it has always manifested people solely within Level 103's waters, oftentimes hundreds of miles away from the ship. This, without fail, has always lead to the deaths of those that used this method.
  • As an alternative, safer method of exit from the oceans and general coastline, there exists exits to Level 183. These exits are found at the ends of various rivers,22 and trigger when attempting to walk into them. Though this exit method is still protested against by the M.E.O.D., given that it can lead to 103.


  • Staring at the night sky of Level 994 has the possibility to transport ones self to Level A-1, where they will immediately be glancing down to the purple sands of the aforementioned location.
  • Walking across the riverbanks of rivers that aren't the rivers of Vitreous, Conchoidal, or Cubic can bring wanderers to Level 495. This happens via an almost seamless transfer, where wanderers will be walking along the riverbank of Level 994 in one moment, and then the riverbank of Level 495 the next.
  • Acting as both an entrance and an exit, Level ES-16 is accessible in a variety of biomes where nature is abundant. Usually, this will be within the meadows, forests, or oasis's within the desert. However, the entryways to Level ES-16 have been seen in other areas of Level 994 as well.

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