The Middlesorts
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"all (levels) exist [and] all stories are true" - Russel T. Davies.

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The Middlesorts is an average, medical clinic office that exists at the very centre of the Backrooms and acts as a hub for all levels.



The waiting room that the Middlesorts revolves around.

Visually, the Middlesorts appears as a rather bland waiting room, similar to those found in places like hospitals or medical clinics. This small, dry room is where those who inadvertently enter the Middlesorts will end up when they arrive. Despite the variety of entrance types that are present in order to arrive within The Middlesorts, all visitors initially enter through a main set of double doors, usually by being noclipped or catapulted through them. Once entering the Middlesorts, the doors immediately lock themselves shut, inhibiting any future use of them.

The actual level design, while undoubtedly clinical and corporate, paints a friendly and inviting atmosphere. The main room has a small collection of chairs to sit on, artistic decorations such as paintings and photographs, water fountains, vending machines,1 as well as a vast array of magazines if one should choose to read them. These magazines appear to reference various locations, brands, and people with varying levels of identifiability. Some select explorers have recognised these people either being direct correlations to places or celebrities they recognise from their own life, or similar lookalikes.

The ceiling lights emit a small hum, much like other similarly indoor liminal levels. However, they are extremely quiet and almost unnoticeable to those not immediately aware of them. Though presumably not intentional, the sound of the humming puts many people at ease, making the level feel familiar and homely without coming across as overly intrusive or artificial.


A hallway with a particularly high amount of unlocked doors.

Outside of the main waiting area, The Middlesorts is built with a myriad of possibly infinitely expanding and narrow corridors. These hallways, whilst sparsely decorated, do contain many of the similar furnishings to the main waiting room, such as paintings, seats, magazines, and vending machines. Featureless doors are also prevalent, most of which are locked. It is unknown if these specific doors are naturally locked as part of this level's design or have been locked by the main inhabitants within this level. As is described later, the behaviours of the dominant group within The Middlesorts could point towards the lattermost theory. However, along those same lines, the operating group inside of The Middlesorts has given no amount of explanation for these doors when asked about them.

Behind the unlocked doors are empty rooms, but occasionally contain stone-topped desks, drawers, cabinets, or basic office chairs. These rooms are believed to have once been, or at the very least are meant to imitate, medical rooms found in many small clinics. It is also believed that all of the rooms have had their furniture removed intentionally, most likely by previous travellers, who frequently use empty rooms for temporary habitation during their trips across the Backrooms.

As many people from across the Backrooms reside here, people frequently share rooms with one another for a variety of reasons. People even help others find appropriate bedding if staying long term, or cook and chat casually in temporary friend groups. Some individuals and teams from various groups are also known to live here full-time, living solely off of the products purchaseable from vending machines or from the goodwill of other residents.

These halls do not have a determinate end, and possess a non-Euclidean aspect to them. Traversing them for long enough eventually puts oneself back on the initial hallway they started from,2 swiftly leading them back to the waiting room. Much like the other confusing properties of the hallways, it is unknown if this effect is natural or artificial.

The Desk


A hastily snapped photo of the desk whilst it was empty.

Within the main room of The Middlesorts, a help-desk is built just to the left of the main doors. The desk is of a marble material, and is recessed into a beige portion of the otherwise flat-white walls. The desk itself is minimally decorated, possessing a simple, mid 2010's era laptop plastered in sticky notes of an unknown language that is, according to those at the front desk, written in a specific dialect for the humour of its employees. Other decorations include staplers, a stack of plain paper, a cheque slip, a "Best site of the year" mug filled with various office supplies, and other somewhat standard items for a Frontrooms office.

Behind the desk itself is a small area filled to the brim with filing cabinets, which are in-turn packed with various paper folders that oftentimes jut out of the top of each drawer. It is unknown what these papers are, as it is impossible to go behind the desk due staff intervention if someone tries, but it is theorised that these paper documents could possibly contain information on thousands of levels, entities, phenomena, and even groups. Other notable things behind the desk are yet more laptops, stacked CRT monitors, multiple water coolers, a cluttered table covered with more paper, and metal bins which are also filled to the brim with yet more, albeit crumpled paper.

The Infinity Effect


A diagram of what has been dubbed as the "observable backrooms multiverse"3 from a zoomed out and two-dimensional perspective.

As confirmed by off-hand remarks given to the M.E.O.D.4 by the level's native inhabitants, The Middlesorts would be virtually inaccessible from what is dubbed as "our discovered part of the known Backrooms". However, the Middlesorts exists within a unique geographical location that allows it to be accessed regardless of where one is in the entire Backrooms.

Previously documented levels like Level 38, Level 94, and Level 237 are currently written with the descriptor of having "infinite" or "random" exits. This, to our knowledge, is a true phenomenon, as those aforementioned levels have consistently led to other levels with no rhyme or reason upon using some of their exits. They have even led to levels with notoriously hard entrances like Level 515, and occasionally provide critical help in exploring levels like Level 8.1. Some of these infinite exits have even led to levels that have only been documented once, such as places like The Moreover or levels that are currently not in the main database.

It has long been understood that there are far more levels than what is known to the M.E.O.D. and other groups, the number possibly being in the billions if levels like The Grave are any basis to draw off of. Because of this, going to "any level" from whichever level you're in should, theoretically, take one to any combination of infinite, bizarre locations. However, this frequently doesn't happen due to an inherent flaw in the way that calculating a destination from these exits works.

According to testimonies from the Middlesorts' inhabitants, the Backrooms is not able to physically "render" and draw out an exit to the billions of Backrooms levels that exist. As such, it sometimes instead draws on a default coordinate as a failsafe if it cannot navigate to a level in time, that coordinate in question being a 0,05 coordinate right at the dead-centre of the Blue Channel, which is where The Middlesorts coincidentally exists.

This level is not naturally altered by its location within The Blue Channel, as early reports date it as an equally mundane level even back in more ancient times.6 Over the years, however, the multiversal-level of access to The Middlesorts has meant that countless groups have sought out to occupy it, some of which have modified the level in unknown ways that have gradually resulted in what the level now is. Organisations from various unknown levels7 have progressively come and gone with varying levels of success, however one group has remained the uncontested owners of the level, that being:

Corpus Cores

Corpus cores, referred to simply as cores, are the self-assigned name to a small subsection of a larger, unseen species of entity that reside somewhere within the larger scope of The Backrooms multiverse. While the cores within The Middlesorts speak of their overall population being within the tens of thousands, the M.E.O.D. has only been able to witness four individual members of the species. Physically, cores are relatively humanoid, though their human-like traits are at liberty to fluctuate. Their skin can come in practically any colour, and have a variety of near-cartoonish proportions with the unifying factor of being slim or tall in some way.

Despite their physical differences, cores have some unifying traits that link them together as being under the same species. All cores appear to wear clothes at a first glance, although many of their garments are actually part of their skin. Outlines of ribs, muscles, or other bodily features can be seen through them, especially through thinner garments. Thicker or more pronounced clothes, such as dresses, jumpers, or waistcoats on full suits, are less likely to be grafted to the body, and instead work as standard clothes that can be used to easily identify cores from one another.8 It is unknown if all their clothes are fused into their skin, or if the clothing is their skin, including their more pronounced garments. However, given that their clothes are rarely seen to change, the former is more believed.

Somewhat similar to humans, the sentience that corpus cores possess drives them to form communities, catalogue levels, and gain a vast grasp of The Backrooms' physics as a whole. What processes cores do this under is unknown, however, it can be assumed that—given their skillset is similar to humans—they explore anomalous things hands-on, although presumably with more equipment than what the M.E.O.D. currently has access to.

These individuals, according to the cores, are a small group within a large alien population, although the actual name and organisation these creatures come from is currently an not known. However, it is heavily believed that cores are one of the larger groups within The Backrooms, supposedly having some form of documentation or habitation across tens of thousands of different levels; even ones previously believed to be fully documented by the M.E.O.D. have some kind of core presence within them. Talks with these entities have been enacted various times across countless decades and by various groups in order to try and understand more about their existence; more importantly to have access to their vast litany of documented levels, entities, objects, and notable individuals and groups. However, no such luck has ever come from these endeavours.

Below are the individual writeups for what the M.E.O.D. has successfully been able to gather and infer about the four stationed staff at The Middlesorts, as well as new interviews with each member in order to allow people to understand their personalities.9 All of these interviews were documented within a tight 6 day period, conducted by the recently retired Somalia Hanks.


Simon, at least from what can be discerned, is the main manager of the other three cores. Unlike some of the others, he is a more humble and helpful individual, although he is rarely seated at the front desk due to the fact is "always work[ing] on filing boring paperwork". Because of this, Simon is usually behind the counter and sifting through the almost endless amounts of paperwork within the filing cabinets, and giving passing remarks to the other cores that happen to say things to him. Seemingly, Simon is only usually passive-aggressive or bitter to other cores, bringing forth contempt to his true personality when not directly speaking to others.

Simon is extremely lean, with an almost balloon-shaped and visible rib cage shape, and a lower body thin and skinny enough to show pelvic and spinal bones. Their most distinct feature is a formal waistcoat. It is mostly grafted to their skin on their upper body, but it flares out at the tailcoats down to the back of his knees. This pronounced jacket is used as the main way to identify them from behind, alongside their light grey skin colour. Aside from the coat, he has practically no other distinguishing features besides his tall and slim, featureless head that his voice somehow still emanates from.


Molly, unlike Simon, regularly manages the front desk and is typically the corpus core individuals will speak to in the Middlesorts. She acts incredibly sarcastic and has been described by the other cores as "catty". She is quick to make snide remarks to anyone she talks to and, if her views on the economy of their species are anything to go off of, she is also rather self-centred. Her bitter demeanour puts many people off from speaking to her, and many permanent residents of this level warn newcomers about "the crude one."

Like Simon, Molly is rather lean, with her most identifying feature being the lack of any real torso. From the top of her hips sprout two "forearms" that follow perpendicular to an extremely long neck before forming into two shoulders, which is where her actual and movable arms form from. Her face is featureless, but her skull and skin has an obscure shape to it that almost resembles vintage, 50's era curly hair. Covering a majority of her "body" area is a shirt that ends where the waist would be, which is in a pale-white colour the same hue as her skin.


Ben, much like Molly, mainly works the front desk, but seems to do it less than Molly. This may be due to their mixture of a cocky and carefree attitude, which has reportedly led to many people learning vast amounts of information about the Backrooms that he has easy access to. In-spite of this oversharing, Ben is surprisingly kind and helpful, especially in comparison to the other cores. His attempts at humour with those he speaks to are—for the most part—done in good faith, and he typically gets people back to their sections of The Backrooms without fuss.

In contrast to the other three, Ben is a shorter, stockier individual, made of what can only be described as an extremely round trapezoid for a body that eventually sprouts into a neck, though he still has defined shoulder bones that hold arms. His arms, whilst slender enough to reach below his hips, are relatively wide at the shoulder before gradually slendering into literal stick thin hands. The same happens with his legs, starting out as large at his thighs before tapering into small feet.

Unlike the previously two described cores, Ben actually has a singular feature on his face in the form of a defined pair of lips that sit where a nose typically would. Though he does speak from this mouth unlike the other two, whose origin of voice is unknown, he mostly uses it to emote with smirks and smiles, with his mouth sometimes opening up wider than the lips themselves to emote further. He is also the most dressed of the bunch, having a beanie-shaped bulge on the top of his head, a large jumper partially fused into his torso, and even sports branded sneakers.

As well as this, for some reason, he has a Glaswegian accent.


Ava is the last of the cores one can find within the Middlesorts, and is also one of the individuals who is at the counter the least, second only to Simon. Though enjoying conversation with visitors of the Middlesorts, Ava usually likes to take a back seat to both Molly and Ben to let them alternate work at the front desk. When she is taking the shift at the front desk, however, she is usually chatty and curious about people's lives, though usually without any kind of filter. This has often lead to people becoming insulted inadvertedly through Ava's light-hearted, semi-sarcastic attitude, though she rarely means to cause offense.

Whilst slim like Simon and Molly, Ava is shorter than the pair, at a middling height between the aformentioned two and Ben. A majority of Ava's body-mass is surprisingly her own legs, most of which are covered by a long, flowing dress/shawl that starts from around the neck and ends halfway down her calves. This obscures a great majority of her body, including the fact she completely lacks a torso and that her neck sprouts from her waist, which juts out from the neck into a round head. Completely lacking in arms, Ava actually uses her feet to access their database, which are built like hands.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Despite many previous groups occupying The Middlesorts, the cores are the main current inhabitants, as has already been established. However, they are not the only inhabitants of the Middlesorts. Though a majority of people accidentally arrive here, and quickly leave shortly thereafter, multiple other groups have figured out the Infinity Effect and have come here deliberately. The reasons for coming to the Middlesorts differ from group to group, but during the most recent 2026 interviews the M.E.O.D. has been able to talk to one group in particular that was of high interest, one of greater importance than a militarised coalition of wanderers or an interlevel society of Facelings.

As asked for by Somalia Hanks for her final wish before retirement, a recording she made with group of individuals she temporarily resided with has been put onto the page. According to her, it is to allow people to better understand the social tone of the Middlesorts.

Entrances And Exits


The Middlesorts is a level that can only be accessed by exiting any level that has infinite exits. In most cases, it is impossible to know which levels contain infinite exits unless the level itself has this fact clearly demonstrated somewhere within it. Because of this, actually accessing the Middlesorts is something most do on accident. Should one attempt to try and enter the Middlesorts intentionally, however, a list of levels with infinite exits has been provided.


Leaving The Middlesorts is a relatively easy task, with there being two main and documented methods of exit that require little labour to finish or do.

The first method is to speak to the entities at the help desk at the level's entrance. While they often speak down to a wanderer or act sarcastic to a wanderers comments in general, they are happy to send you to the level you have asked them to take you to. The cores simply input the destination level you wish to go to on their laptop and, through processes that are utterly unknown, unlock the main set of double doors, which will be programmed to go to your target level. However, requesting exits to levels one may not know can cause individuals to become trapped in a section of the Backrooms wholly unfamiliar to them, and to a section of the Backrooms that may never have been documented by any groups one is familiar with.

The second method is to exit through the main door while it has been opened by someone entering. Doing this will lead to the level that one was coming from, which are levels not only listed in the Entrances section, but also any other undocumented level from anywhere in the Backrooms that has an infinite number of exits.

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