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The waiting room that the Middlesorts encompasses.

The Middlesorts is a menial, clinical medical office that exists at the very centre of the Blue Channel.


Visually, The Middlesorts presents itself as a rather measly and bland waiting room, places akin to a medical, clean and clinical environment. This small, dry room is where those who inadvertently enter the Middlesorts will end up when they arrive. Despite to the variety of entrance types that are present in order to arrive within The Middlesorts, all visitants to the level arrive through a main set of double doors. Whether it be noclipping through it, interacting with it in a standard manner, or any other typical or atypical method, one always enters through two large, white exit doors. Once interacted with to enter, the doors immediately lock and practically cement themselves shut. Barring future use of this side of the door.

The actual level design, while being one that is undoubtedly clinical and corporate in overall design, paints a friendly, inviting atmosphere into its layout. With the main room has a pleasant array of seating material, art decorations in the form of paintings and photographs, water fountains, and vending machines, as well as a vast array of magazines should one choose to read them. These magazines appear to reference all sorts of vast locations, brands, people, all with varying levels of identifiable ability. Some select explorers have recognised these people either being direct correlations to people/places they recognise from their own life, or are similar lookalikes.

The audio of the level is coated with a small electrical hum of the lighting that peacefully emanates from the LED's that are sparsely, yet uniformly, fixtured to the room's ceiling.


Outside of the main waiting area, The Middlesorts are adorned with a myriad of presumed infinitely expanding and narrow corridors. These hallways pose no unique features that cannot be found elsewhere within the main waiting room. In these tight spaces, there are more water fountains, vending machines, and similar magazines. Doors are also prevalent, and resemble blank UPVC doors that, more often than not, lack windows. These doors are immovable, and the windows that are prevalent on the sparse collection of catalogued doors are too cloudy to see deep within to what may be on the other side of these doors.

It is unknown if these doors are naturally locked as part of this level's design, or have been done so by the faction that has appropriated this level. As will be described later, the behaviours of the "dominant" faction within The Middlesorts could point towards the lattermost theory. However, on that same vein, the operating group inside of The Middlesorts has given no amount of explanation for these doors when asked about them.

The Desk

Within the main room of The Middlesorts, a help-desk resides just to the left of the main doors. The desk is of a marble, concrete material. being recessed into a crème, beige portion of the otherwise flat-white walls. The desk itself is rather flatly decorated, possessing a simple, mid 2010's era laptop plastered in post-it notes of an unknown language that is, according to those at the front desk, written in a specific dialect for the humour of its employees. Other decorations include staplers, a "Best gazorpomorp of the year" mug filled with pens, pencils, and erasers. A stack of plain paper, a cheque slip, and other somewhat standard items for a Frontrooms locale of similar design.

Behind the desk itself

The Desk is capitalised as such due to that being its namesake, used by the staff of The Middlesorts, The Desk is the area that the entities known as the "Phanta's".

The Infinity Effect

Under most normal pretenses, as confirmed by off-hand remarks given to the M.E.O.D. by the level's native inhabitants, The Middlesorts would be virtually inaccessible from what is dubbed as "our section of The Backrooms" by Phantas. However, the level of The Middlesorts possesses a unique geographical location within The Backrooms that allows not just the sect native to the various groups of the Extended Database's side of The Backrooms, but also other and less-documented sects as well. At least in the records of the M.E.O.D.

Previously documented levels like Level 38, Level 94, and Level 400 are currently written with the descriptor of having "infinite exits". This, to our knowledge, is a true phenomenon. As those aforementioned levels have consistently lead to other levels with no rhyme or reason, even levels with notoriously hard entrances like Level 515, and occasionally provide critical help in exploring levels like Level 8.1. With them even going to levels we have only seen once and once only, such as various Pending Approval levels.

It has long been understood that there are far more levels than what is known to the M.E.O.D. and other non-conglomerate groups, possibly stretching to the billions if levels like The Grave are any basis to draw off of. Because of this, going to "any level" from whichever level you're in should, theoretically, take one to any combination of infinite, bizarre locations. Though this frequently doesn't happen due to an inherent system that The Backrooms seems to operate under.

The Backrooms, according to the testimonies of the Phantas, is physically unable to render and draw out an exit to literally every single level of The Backrooms. As such, The Backrooms instead draws on a default, single coordinate if it fails to navigate to a level correctly then the Backrooms automatically goes to the direct centre of its being. A 0,0 coordinate.

This level is not naturally altered by its location within The Blue Channel, as early reports date it as an equally mundane level even back in more ancient times.1 Over the years, however, the easy access to The Middlesorts has meant that countless groups have sought out to occupy sections of this level. Countless groups from various unknown levels2 have progressively been and gone with varying levels of occupation.


Phantas are the self-assigned name to a small subsect of a larger, unseen species of entity that reside somewhere out within the larger scope of The Backrooms multiverse. While the Phantas within The Middlesorts speak of their overall population being within the tens of thousands, the M.E.O.D. has only been able to witness four individual members of the species.

These individuals are known to be part of a small large group within that alien population, although the actual name and organisation these creatures come from is currently an unknown piece of information.

Not for lack of trying, mind. These people are just difficult to talk to.

Below are the individual writeups for what the M.E.O.D. has successfully been able to gather and infer about the four stationed staff at The Middlesorts, as well as interviews with the Phantas known as "Molly" and "Ben".


Ben is, at least from what can be discerned, the main manager of the other three Phanta's.




<Begin Log>

Time: 03:04
Date: 04/10/2026
Location: The Middlesorts, at the desk for the Phanta's.
Interviewer: Somalia Hanks
Interviewee: Molly

Mrs Hanks: So, Molly, is it?

Molly: Mhm~! You really don't need to ask again, unless you're really that forgetful?

Mrs Hanks: It's… just for the recording.

Molly: Ah! I see, I see. Oh I do love a nice interview, I rarely get them nowadays.

Mrs Hanks: Well, you're getting one now at least

[Mrs Hanks clears her throat.]

Mrs Hanks: Right, so… You manage this whole level?

Molly: you're really going to start with a yes or no question like that? have you ever even done an interview before?

Mrs Hanks: J-Just answer the question-

Molly: Hah! Well, we do! Not just us four out in the back, but our whole group too. We own quite a lot of level's, in fact.

Mrs Hanks: You own them? in what way do you own a level?

Molly: Stocks and liminal chains, my darling. It's basic land economy 101.

Mrs Hanks: Could you explain it for the documentation, perhaps?

Molly: My… the recent humans are simple, huh. Very well then~! I'll describe it best I can…

[Molly hums a little leaning, back in her office chair]

Molly: About 40 years ago… we set up a nice, small little system of owning levels! After we found and inhabited about… 2,000 of the things? We realised that managing who technically owned what level based on how big bases were was… difficult, especially with all the groups and species idling around. So, we made a system! People can submit some money to essentially bid what level belongs to them, people can sell these, trade these, and do whatever they may choose with them! Even outbid them too, should they want.

Mrs Hanks: Sounds… lucrative? does it make much money?

Molly: It makes us fucking minted.

[Molly giggled daintily, resting her hands on her lap and giving a grin and eyebrow raise to Mrs Hanks]

Mrs Hanks: Huh… well, I think we can wrap that up there-.

Molly: Tata! Remember, I'm here if-

[Mrs Hanks turns off the recording kit prematurely.]]

<End Log>

<Begin Log>

Time: 10:10
Date: 07/10/2026
Location: The Middlesorts, at the desk for the Phanta's.
Interviewer: Somalia Hanks
Interviewee: Ben

Mrs Hanks: So… it's true that you can take us to any level, then?

Ben: Aye, hen. Any level yer want that we know aboot ya can access with a wee bit of our help!

Mrs Hanks: What uh… what database do you use?

Ben: All 'dem, sweetheart. We know many of yer databases. Nooow… give a level, aye? Where ya wanna go?

Mrs Hanks: Hmm… What about just… Oh I dunno, Level 27?

Ben: Ah, aye lass! Which wen?

Mrs Hanks: Which… one…?

Ben: T'is what I said, no?

Mrs Hanks: What- what do you mean 'which one?'

Ben: Ah, nei worries lassie. Let's see…

[Ben's figure slightly turns to their monitor, presumably starting to type and search around on it.]

Ben: Righty! We have aboot… six Levels that are called Level 27, or that kinda sound like it.

Mrs Hanks: Uuuhh… Cool! Can I know what those are?

Ben: We's got… hm… We have a Level 27 that's infinite rooms made out of wood and shite, a Level 27 that's like some weird spring, I guess? There's also a subway tunnel Level 27, that one's all big and shit and its layout changes. Then we got a non-Euclidian theatre Level 27, a bigass bridge called Level -27… and a Scene-02.7. But I havne heard that name in a long time!

Mrs Hanks: And… is that all of them, Ben?

Ben: Hah, nei! There's a glass ball one with water aroond it, a floating jungle island, an empty museum, one filled with indoor pools… Oh, there's also Zone 27, but eh… that one's a bit weird, hen. It's history is different to yer usual levels.

Mrs Hanks: So… So that's a lot- you understand that right?

Ben: Aye.

Mrs Hanks: The uh, the only 27 I know is the Spring one… Do I really want to visit all these other ones?

Ben: If ye dee decide teh, you're basically never gettin' back to the wee bit of The Backrooms yer currently know. These other areas are far away from here, explored by completely different humans in different times.

Mrs Hanks: R-Right, right, that's not absolutely huge news at all…

Ben: I can tell by yer sweaty face ya lyin'

Mrs Hanks: Just… how do you take me to these levels? These… just- any level, how do you even do that?

Ben: Aye, the door, ya silly wench. At sem point we's gave it a shite tonne of mods to basically be able to deh as we please! We just input where you wanna go on our machine, do a few button presses, and boom! Yer's are free to go where you wanna.

Mrs Hanks: And you just do this… for free?

Ben: Aye! I mean, why no? We're already loaded from all the other shite we do, and it's not like have anything else to do in this wee place.

Mrs Hanks: Gotcha… well, awfully noble of you to do that. But uh, yeah, I think this interview is done now!

Ben: Hah, nei bother hen. Always up for a chat

[Mrs Hanks gives them a nod]

<End Log>

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Despite many previous groups occupying The Middlesorts, The Phanta's are the sole current inhabitants

Entrances And Exits


The Middlesorts is a level that can only be accessed by exiting a level that has quote 'infinite exits'.

The current list of levels that have either theoretically infinite or statistically infinite exits are as follows:


Leaving The Middlesorts is a relatively easy task, with there being three main and documented methods of exit that require little labour to finish or do.

The first method is to speak to the entities at the help desk at the level's entrance. While often speaking down to a wanderer, or acting sarcastic to one's comments in general, they are often happy to send you to the level you have asked them to take you to.

For the second method, using the doors without specifying a level to head to will takes ones self to a 'random' level. However, due to the nature of why the Middlesorts is what it is, using this door will often just lead back to the waiting room. If this does not occur, however, one will successfully transport to a true, random level. However, prior documents have demonstrated that due to the nature of a 'random' level, individuals often end up in completely alien and unknown levels without any way of returning back to the documented sector they currently know.16

The final method is to exit through the main door while it has been opened by someone entering. Doing this will lead to the level that one was coming from, which are levels not only listed in the Entrances section, but also any other undocumented level from anywhere in The Backrooms that has an infinite number of exits.

It is also rumoured that the inaccessible, blocked hallways in the deeper portion could also lead to other levels, but with no feasible way to prove that, such an idea is simply just left to speculation.

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