The first picture within the former Claimed Floor 283 of the 2022 13.1 Incident.

On the 4th May, 2022, the former B.N.T.G. experienced a catastrophic calamity when their base known as "Claimed Floor 283 and surrounding collateral was destroyed by the impact of a strange field roughly 40,000 meters in length, containing on it a strange house displaying qualities similar of that to both the previous Level 14, and the previous Level 232.

Despite the initial panic and fear of what could be in this house, what it could mean, and how it could affect the larger life of average wanderers, groups such as the M.E.G., B.N.T.G., CBS, Kalag Institute, and even groups such as The Lost and Backrooms Airways all agreed to a temporary alliance in order to figure out what this potential threat was, how to nullify it, and how to explore the house without succumbing to the same effects of decay as the house itself.


The first image taken of 13.1, one day after the impact.

From the helping hands of these aforementioned groups, understanding of this phenomenon was a long, yet rather easy task. Explorations of all kinds and manners finally allowed these groups first-hand research into the structure itself. After the examinations were complete, it was discovered that the field was not of a structure that followed usual Backrooms physics.

Usually, with exceptions for things built by humans, things that are of Backrooms origin do not age, and instead just change. Levels, while having a "lifecycle" similar to that aging, simply just change their physical appearance until it gets too distorted to function, entities change overtime with new behaviours and focuses, and even the timelines of one's self can sometimes alter whilst in the Backrooms Multiverse. The field, however, did not show any of these qualities.


The first picture within the former Claimed Floor 283 of the 2022 13.1 Incident.

The house on Level 13.1, though, was much different. As discovered by the first B.N.T.G. discoverers, the house was displaying qualities similar to level "death" that previous levels have shown in the past. This discovery baffled the groups of the backrooms for months, and it wasn't until the people inside were discovered that it was understood.

{{Within the house, a group of two Frontroom-based families who were unaware of The Backrooms were trapped inside. After being given food and water, they were interviewed. According to them, they were walking along farmland at night near their shared rural home,

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