Boring Talking's Sandbox

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Hi hi! welcome to my Sandbox! This is a private sandbox that I have finally made after about two years of existing on both base Backrooms wikidots.

On a random whim, I decided "hey, fuck it, I'm moving", and then promptly did! It took me one fucked up attempt I can't delete, and a few hours to set up some things, but it's finally ready :D.

Now… what's on here? Well, all sorts of things, frankly. Firstly, and most importantly, everything I'm going to be writing in the future can be found on this page. Everything from random levels, entities, and objects, to things that vaguely pertain to lore, to literal crucial points in the Simulator Canon timeline, which is my main writing thing I am, and forever will be, working on.

Eventually, I'm going to organise this front page to be nicer. But for now, just use the navbar at the top please! Everything you need is up there.

Take care!

- Ella

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