The Prenatal
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An initial picture of the Prenatal, taken a minute within initial discovery.


A picture of three stone tombs, this image specifically was sent to the M.E.O.D. Research Department for examination to try and read the names carved in the stone.

The Prenatal is a space in which all preborn and unbound souls of the Backrooms reside. It's regarded, for all intents and purposes, as the opposite to The Grave. It is also, therefore, regarded as the "first" level in all of The Backrooms.


This Enigmatic Level forms itself as a graveyard that has been overtaken with plants and vegetation. Though the sky of The Prenatal resembles a time around 4pm relative to summer, the often arctic coloured sky is rarely visible due to the thick density of tall oak trees that cover the level's surface. Coating most of the level in a pitch black darkness.

The graves are old and decrepit, having an appearance so weathered that any form of identification on the stones is nigh on impossible to read. Too faded by presumed wind and weather damage, as well as being covered in clumps of moss. This weathering seeming to have affected these stones so much to the point that.

Much like The Grave, this level is not technically one that should be feasibly accessed by usual means such as noclipping, natural formed pathways between levels, or by other artificial means1. For this reason, and the fact that the question of life before life isn't one asked as often by those within reality, the very existence or concept about the Prenatal was left unknown by most.

In 2024, however, M.E.O.D. explorer and PA documentor Melody Parker2 encountered an oddly placed Memory Jar off a dirt path within Level 37. This object was then taken by the likes of Melody and brought to Level 4. When within her designated quarters, Melody is reported to have opened the jar when out of view of others3 and watched the holograms of the dead individual play.

The individual, according to Melody Parker, was one known as Robert Pugh, and seemed to have lived a fairly standard life for an independent wanderer within the Backrooms. While the details of the individual have been logged and imputted to our digital database, such details on their life as a specifically corporeal being are deemed unnecessary to write in this page.

As Melody watched, she seemed to notice gaps in the memory of the Pugh, a commonplace anomaly in certain stored jars. Out of curiosity, Melody opted to try and put the holograms specifically within a Wayback Machine. While the idea of submitting a Memory Jar to this device is something that has been done before,4 doing such specifically on the broadcasts that emit from the memory jars was, at least up until this moment, an idea entirely untested.

While playing back a memory of Hughs within Level 92, Melody inputted into the Wayback Machine to find "a currently playing hologram of the past". This Wayback Machine was surprisingly able to grab onto the hologram playing. Melody then began to rewind the memory being projected, and was then able to then rewind the memory back. Though the hologram itself seemed to glitch and almost cut out as it was being rewound, this process did miraculously show the unknown memories. However, Melody opted to keep going back beyond the initial memory she'd hope to find. Rewinding back to when Pugh's was in The Frontrooms, speeding up the rewinding process, Melody skipped past all of Pugh's teenage years and childhood. Rewinding to, rather strangely, a point before Pugh was even born.

Melody was greeted with a strange vision of a forest, filled with gravestones. The sky was blotted out by the large leaves overhead, but faint glimpses of a darker blue sky could be seen shimmering through the gaps and holes in the leaves and sticks. The ground, though crowded with overgrowing bushes of various types, was clearly made of an uneven soil, spotted with smooth rocks that were partially buried within the stone. The headstones were aged and withered, possessing clear decay from harsh strikes and batters of rain.

These projections of the strange level continued, cycling back on the Wayback Machine seemingly for eternity. Eventually, Melody ceased using the wayback, and catalogued pictures of the hologram using her mobile phone. reporting back to the officials at Base Omega afterwards.

Finding the Prenatal

Upon Melody Parker inputting the information to the M.E.G., work on actually documenting and validating the existence of this level was subsequently begun. Initially, the level was put into the PA list of levels as PA100, and given a priority B ranking. Within 15 days, the level fell under review. Initially being examined in comparison to levels under a similar nature. Examples drawn were Level 37, Level 135, Level 797, or even a possible sub-level to Level 100.

When none of the given files and tests with other memory jars bore resemblance to any catalogued level, expedition teams were organised with the mission to try and access this PA. Though such efforts proved fruitless, due to the strange entrance this level seemed to require. Experiments included forcing noclip onto a memory jar, using a Wayback Machine on one's self, some even theorised such a location may only be accessible from within the Frontrooms itself.

After around two and a half months of the PA100 hunt flatlining, a new set of investigators were retasked with examining the level after PA44 to PA59 had been properly evaluated and catalogued. The team of 5 examined the video footage of the 9 memory jars this had been tested with, and ultimately drew to the thought bizarre theory of what PA100 was. An area in which the consciousness of living creatures resided before being transported within a body.

Once this revelation was discovered, new research and development on reaching PA100, now given the now catalogued name of "The Prenatal". Due to the M.E.G.'s lack of advanced technological or mythical supplies, as well as a low understanding of the subject matter at hand, the M.E.G. opted to lease out the creation of a way to access the Prenatal through the Backrooms Robotics. Through trades of supplies and documents, Backrooms Robotics agreed for a partnership. Forging what was known as a "Soul Displacement Mechanism". In essence, the machine harvested a black box from within a Wayback Machine was retrofitted into an Office Terminal to, according to the Backrooms Robotics, "communicate with the unborn souls within -The Prenatal-".

Coupled with Liquid Pain to cause actual soul within the individual wanting to be transported to "be more prone to exiting and movement", and Lighting In a Bottle to charge the machine, the first exploration and true documentation of The Prenatal was ready.


The first people to be sent to The Prenatal were individuals Haley Aberdeen, Friedrich Adeleke, Benson Dropby, and their exploration head Jebediah Shell. They were taken to the Prenatal via the S.D.M(Soul Displacement Mechanism) within Level 155, due to the high number of apparitions which the Backrooms Robotics claim to be unbound souls.5

<Begin Log>

Date: 12/01/25
Location: The Prenatal.
Participants: Jebediah Shell(exploration leader), Haley Aberdeen, Friedrich Adeleke, Benson Dropby

[The four M.E.O.D. explorers arrive in The Prenatal via the S.D.M. arriving in intervals with regular gaps of two seconds between them.]

Haley Aberdeen: Fuck… my head hurts.

Benson Dropby: You'll be fine…

Haley Aberdeen: Like your head isn't banging from that trip too.

Benson Dropby: It is, but just keep a level head over it. Let's just get the initial picture snapped and sent.

Friedrich Adeleke: Ah- that's my job, just one sec…

//[Friedrich Adeleke raises up his camera, quickly snapping a photograph

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits


The entrance could be something morbid like interrupting the transport of a soul into the rest of The Backrooms, creating a stillbirth for the soul that can't reach their target


probably the same way as entry, just as weirdly morbid.

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