Unfinished Objects

Well, funny seeing you here…

So, I see you're interested in seeing things that aren't finished yet, are you? Well, how intriguing! I can't exactly blame you, this isn't stuff you can find on the actual Wikidot, since nothing of what you're going to see below is actually done yet. Hah.

Objects! Objects, objects, objects… They sure are things! They're a little hard to write, actually, since an object may come off as some kind of SCP clone. even entities, which do have that kind of risk, at least would be indicative of a whole species. With objects, however, they are just things that people use. So people may not write them, just in case they feel like they're ripping off SCP. However, I still try some regardless! Just cus they're fun to me, I suppose.

These pages vary in tone, ideas, settings, and the like, I'm one that enjoys experimenting around with different ideas! Expect a whole range of concepts inside this list, because ho damn, do I just love to start writing something new, think of an even newer thing, and then abandon the old one and call it an "unfinished draft".

Leaking these, for the most part, is okay! I'm formatting these in a palatable, digestible way for onlookers after all, but don't go overly parading this shit around to everyone on TS, and definitely not outside of it. Some of this stuff I like to keep to myself.

But, without any further ado…

Go read my shit!


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