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A showcase of the unfinished aesthetic that Level 448 demonstrates.

Level 448's landscape is similar to that of places like The Insulation, resembling rooms and spaces that are currently under construction.


Discovered on 18/07/2013, Level 448's design imitates locales that are unfinished in their build-work. With all kinds and varieties of construction equipment, building supplies, and stray hard hats dotting and populating the rooms of Level 448.

Level 448 itself is presumably an infinite, enclosed landscape. The stone brick walls are usually coated and smothered in firm, metal bar scaffolding. Upon these scaffolds are usually yet more tools and hard hats, showing signs of wear, tear, and general use. The scaffolds don't exist for any form of structural stability, or even any kind of renovation work. Presumably existing for some kind of paint work.1

In the occasional room of this level, one may find odd, steel padlocked penitentiary cells. The cells themselves are mostly empty, save for yet more raw materials like bricks, plaster, frames for metal doors, and random assortments of padlock keys. With no recorded cell yet to have any kind of bed or toiletries within them.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level, due to its incredibly recent discovery.

Additional Content

Of the few that have been to Level 448, a large majority of those people have reported sounds of strange machinery and sounds of banging coming from within the walls of the level. The banging has, more often than not, come from areas that are inaccessible. Whether originating through closed doors, through into rooms seemingly not reachable in the level, or just distant places in general.

Entrances And Exits


Level 448 currently just has one catalogued entrance into its area.

  • Within The Insulation, the occasional empty doorway may manifest itself within areas 1A, 2A, and The Crawlspace. Oftentimes made of a varnished, dark brown wood. These rare occurrences in the Insulation have always been known to lead to Level 448.


Much like how one would enter Level 448, the only catalogued exits is the Insulation. Leading to areas 1A, 1B, and The Crawlspace.

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Two months ago at 10/11/13

Funny_Yellow_Dog: aaaaaaaaaannd that's a wrap on Level 448!

Ale5555: which one?

Ale5555: and wait why are you telling me this.

Funny_Yellow_Dog: you don't know which one Level 448 is?

Ale5555: that's what I said, Rain.

Funny_Yellow_Dog: it's the PA13, I believe

Ale5555: you know that PA whatever will never take off right?

Funny_Yellow_Dog: whatever man, just, it's done okay? I'd give it a read!

Ale5555: I did already. Honestly are you all sure this isn't just some weird part of The Insulation?

Funny_Yellow_Dog: We're all sure it's not! it's similar, but like, it's clearly not at the same time? idk, but I was there when it was being investigated! Trust me, it's a new place.

Ale5555: ….

Ale5555: I'll take your word for it.

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Devdan: Sorry for intruding on an old thread, but there's something you guys need to see.

Devdan: I'll email both of you the specifics.

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